Bitcoin Casinos: Join the Best Cryptocurrency Casinos in India

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There is a new change coming to the online casinos India has and it’s all about the crypto. So, if you have been living under a for the past year or so, you may not know that cryptos are now hot property and will one day take over online payments.

Casino businesses were amongst the first to adopt crypto into their banking portfolios and this goes back as far as 2015. To bring you all up to date and speed with what is going on in the digital currency world and casinos, we present this guide to bitcoin casinos.

Along with Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, Bitcoin set the standard being the first coin on the market. As such it’s the main focus of our guide to BTC casino platforms. We will be sharing with you all the information that comes with Bitcoin online casinos, such as the bitcoin casino bonus rewards that can be claimed and the Bitcoin casino games that can be played.

If the whole business of joining a blockchain casino sounds too confusing at this stage, then hold tight. We’re going to explain how basic and simple it is, that when the time comes to adopt cryptos of your own, you’ll have the know-how and can start playing your Bitcoin casino games in no time at all.

Gambling online with BTC

The idea of crypto for many is one of uncertainty and horror if we’re frank about it. the truth is that this is a currency that is not going away and in the future, we may all have to deal with it in some form or another. This is why learning about Bitcoin online casinos will be of benefit to you later down the line should you decide to join the forward-thinkers.

Being part of a BTC casino present no real differences than a regular casino. The games play the same, winning money is the same except its crypto not rupees. You will still have bitcoin casino bonus promotions to claim, there really is nothing overtly different.

There are two types of crypto casinos on the market, however. One of these sites are deemed to be bitcoin casino despite the only real function is the depositing of currency, and even that’s putting it loosely. The others are official blockchain sites that work for and with the crypto, giving players BTC deposits and withdrawal processes, real BTC slot machines and all the other expected services.

Now, there are a number of Bitcoin casinos in India of both types and we’re here to help you avoid those less beneficial and steer you into the direction of 100% bitcoin serving casinos.

Casinos accepting Cryptos

So, why are there two types of BTC casino? Well, it goes back to the time of hesitancy, yes there is some still about but in 2015 it was bold for casinos to suddenly say, you know what, let’s start accepting bitcoins, along with Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. This was balls-out thinking. So, a regular casino became a bitcoin casino just from the fact that they could now take bitcoin and convert it into dollars or rupees for people to play with.

This isn’t the greatest of service but at the time, this was a first and started off the wave of Bitcoin online casinos that we see now. Now, there are real blockchain sites that are made for the sole attention of the bitcoin. This is a currency with real legs and when bitcoin hits its peak in 5, 10, 20 years, these players will be millionaires because of their early investment, and any sensible blockchain casino will want to be ready and on that as soon as it happens.

Best BTC casino

What can be provided by the best in bitcoin casinos? Well, to understand the best, we can look at an example in

So, normally with just a regular casino, you think games, service, and quality, and it is really no different for the Bitcoin casinos in India. The only thing that is changing for players is that form of payment and that is all. Bitcoin casino games do come with a slight variation, mainly the BTC slot machines at that’s the coding checker also known as the Provably Fair system. Found in every bitcoin casino, this system checks every bet/spin before it is played to make sure there is no bug in the game and that it is cleared. This is for every single spin played.

This is as diverse as the changes get when playing within these new blockchain sites. Now, all casino games that are not played with bitcoin are also coded to record bets after the effect so, if you feel there is a fault or the casino spots it, the game’s integrity can still be checked, it’s just that bitcoin games are built differently.

With sites like, there is a huge difference in the finer detail, that’s where the quality shines through. Bonuses allow you to win new Tesla cars, you have live RTP gaming stats to help you know which games are hot and pumping out winnings. This live RTP system is nothing we’ve seen the likes of before and it is a great advantage for the player to be presented with the information. is one of the few sites that also offers bitcoin sports betting. The casino’s sports betting wing sponsors a number of top UK Premier League clubs and these include Southampton, Watford, and Arsenal.

The casino has also won a couple of awards in their short time, with both CMC Campaign and Social Media Campaign awards being won at the ERG in 2020.

BTC Casinos in India

How can you even tell which Bitcoin casinos in India are the best ones to join? Well, finding Bitcoin casinos in India isn’t too difficult if you use comparison sites that can easily guide you to a legitimate and licensed bitcoin casino. However, you may wish to go it alone and look for bitcoin casinos by yourself.

Picking the best bitcoin casino in India has to be right for you and not the other 100,000 people online looking to play. You are unique to them in what you like to play and in what your bankroll is.

To know if you can play with Bitcoin at a casino site in India, you first need to look for the BTC signs that should come with any welcome bonuses that crypto casinos will have. These welcome bonuses will be on the front of the casino that looks to entice players into joining. If you are not 100% sure, then just check the casino’s banking page to see what cryptos are listed. This gives you the precise details as to whether or not the site would be one of the bitcoin casinos you can join.

How to use Bitcoin

Getting started with bitcoin, in general, is where most of the time is taken up, besides actually playing. To have all things ready and in place, before you begin looking to play Bitcoin at a casino site in India, you need to get some bitcoin.

It starts with joining an online crypto broker, they can supply a large market of crypto and this is where you need to buy your crypto in exchange for your fiat currency.

Once you have a bitcoin or part of a bitcoin, you then need to transfer this money into a crypto wallet. All crypto wallets have a special digital address which is what gets linked to the Bitcoin Casinos in India that you join. Once you have your bitcoin casino account, you select bitcoin and your crypto of choice, as there will be other options like Ethereum and Litecoin.

Transferals between crypto wallet and casino happens like any other transaction, it really is not difficult. You can secure BTC deposits in an instant, and your withdrawals will be instant also. All the right crypto casinos will give back matching crypto payment, these are signs that you have the best bitcoin casino in India.

Bitcoin bonuses

Will the best bitcoin casino in India give me bitcoin bonuses? Do all bitcoin casinos have a welcome bonus? Yes, and yes! Any bitcoin casino you join will have a welcome bonus for its new member and there will be ongoing bonus promotions thereafter. But take note, casino bonuses shouldn’t be used to decide which casino is the best online of all Bitcoin casinos in India because casino bonuses are always subject to change. Every site will chop, and change offers time and time again, so don’t go assuming the biggest bonus is a sign that the casino is the best. The truth is found more in the details of the offer. Bonus terms and conditions will inform you what the minimum BTC deposits are, which games are eligible, when the bonus will expire and what the wagering requirements are that affect what can and cannot be withdrawn from your winnings.

It is super-important you read the terms of any bitcoin bonus before using it so you have real clarity on the offer’s true value.

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